Greek Style Muscle & Bone Health 500g (No Fat)

Farmers Union is a 133-year-old Australian brand of Greek Yogurt. Farmers Union's products are extremely popular in Vietnam because of their delicious taste, diverse product lines, natural ingredients, and good for health.

Product detail

– Quantity : 500g
– Preserve: Temperature 2-4oC, use within 7 days after open product

Nutritional Information

– Selected ingredients: Fresh cow’s milk, Milk powder, Milk cream, Live yeast
– No additives such as water, starch, cream powder, fillers
– No added sugar. The amount of sugar listed on the nutrition label is the natural sugar in milk
– No preservatives. No stabilizers. No Antioxidants
– No fragrance. No colorants
– No gelatin. No emulsifiers
– Gluten-free Ingredients: Milk, Milk Powder, Live Yeast


No fat, gain muscle