We provide supports for the fundamentals of your Foodservice:

the ingredients, the menu & the recipe

Business Solution

Goodfood Kitchen is always equipped with modern equipment for baking, mixing and cooking. With an experienced R&D team, we are ready to make sample recipes using many different ingredients until customers choose the most suitable dish.

Virtual Business Consultations

We provide online consultation to help our F&B customers solve their business issues and achieve their profit goal.

International Culinary Specialists

Working with many local and international F&B experts, we create the ideal recipes based on your budget requirements and business characteristics. In particular, we want to introduce the quintessence of international cuisine to Vietnamese people.

Local Cuisine Elevation

We consult our customers on how to conduct local market mapping and food analysis with the flexibility to adapt to the local category.

Culinary Solution

Goodfood emphasizes cost & time saving for our customers. Our experts offer customers in-depth consultations that cover everything from developing new menu solutions to premium ingredients.

Menu Analysis

We offer menu analysis service to help our F&B customers identify the following factors:

  • Profitability
  • Popularity of each item on the menu
  • Strategies to increase revenue, reduce costs and achieve success.

Menu Development

We work closely with our customers to develop new menus and open up more opportunities.

Our team is always ready to help you create new dishes, improve recipes, and achieve menu efficiency.

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