Based on the two core businesses “Chemicals” and “Food”, the ADEKA Group offers a wide range of unique products with high technical strength and reliable quality.

ADEKA FOODS (ASIA) SDN. BHD. started to manufacture production of margarine and shortening for bread and confectionary from July 2014 which is mainly focus to be marketed in Southeast of Asia region. They apply it fat and oil processing and emulsification technologies to develop processed oils and fats such as margarine and shortening and processed food products such as whipping cream to support a rich and varied dietary life.

At the present time, ADEKA has manufacturing plants in Kashima, Chiba, Mie, Fuji, Akashi, and Soma as well as R&D centers in locations such as Ogu (Tokyo), Urawa and Kuki. For overseas, ADEKA is promoting the reinforcement and expansion of its existing overseas plants and, at the same time, expanding its business to regions where growing demand is anticipated.

In keeping with its management policies of “Work hard to be a forward-looking organization by staying on the cutting edge” and “Be a respected member of the world community,” ADEKA endeavors to supply global markets with competitive products of excellence.

For more information, please visit:  www.adeka.com.my