Milkana, the market leader for processed cheese in Germany, is equally a brand with the real commitment to sustainable development.

Milkana was produced for the first time in 1952 in the German Alps, in Allgäu, they succeeded in conquering the German market, and became an acclaimed brand targeting a broad consumer group, seeking for affordable products guaranteeing superior quality and safety. Since 2010, the brand has been number 1 in spreadable processed cheeses, with its flagship tub-format product, the beautifully creamy “Milkana Sahne”, which is also available in a range of flavors and in individual portions. For almost 60 years, the Milkana brand has been hugely popular with German families where it is the number 1 processed cheese.

They encourage its milk producers to feed their herds exclusively with the grass from their pastures and with fodder, cutting out all compliments. This approach enables Milkana to guarantee its consumers GMO-free milk, a natural element of added value that is greatly appreciated by German consumers. The keys to this success are the expertise of the cheese-makers, the excellent milk from the Allgäu region and carefully selected ingredients to ensure a super-delicious, mild and creamy product that is uniquely enjoyable.

Sold in Germany, Eastern Europe, South-East Asia, China, Egypt, and Africa, Milkana sells a varied range of products: processed and fresh cheeses and milk-based desserts. Always proposed in practical and playful packaging, these healthy and natural snacks are well suited to children’s tastes and nutritional needs. Milkana uses long-life technology in order to ensure they reach consumers in Africa and Asia in peak condition.

For more information, please visit: https://www.savencia-fromagedairy.com/en/marque/milkana/