Mazza Alimentari has been established for 65 years and during this time the company has grown naturally at the customer’s service in Italy and around the world.

Their production plants are located in different areas in the Middle and South of Italy. The products are duly selected according to the highest standards of genuineness and quality then gathered under Mazza brand which takes care of their distribution and sales in the domestic territory and in many European and extra European countries. The firm constantly exports in Central America, North and Central Africa, Singapore, Australia, Honk Kong, Tokyo, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Bahrein, Qatar, Azerbaijan and in many European countries like France, Germany, UK, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Spain, and Belorussia.

Mazza Alimentari is very open-eyed with the needs of its customers and of the market, constantly spreading out the range of products reaching more than two hundred and sixty different types of foodstuffs (an average of thirteen new products per year in the last twenty years).

The passion for the Italian traditional food has always been at the center of the Mazza universe and the main target of the firm is to completely satisfy the customer needs in order to create long lasting relationships.

The next targets for Mazza Alimentari are: spread the taste of the Italian tradition worldwide, pursue the development of new products, maintain solid relationships with its partners and establish new cooperation projects. Obviously, everything will be done keeping the highest quality standard and the best service level.

For more information, please visit: www.mazzalimentari.com