A history that began over 70 years ago…

…that is still being fulfilled to this day. All around the world, ILE DE FRANCE® offers products of unique quality, with a wide range of selected, carefully chosen imported French cheeses, helping you discover gourmet food, expert knowledge and the French way of life. ILE DE FRANCE® imported French cheeses worthy of your special moments!


ILE DE FRANCE® in a few words

Brought into service in 1927 by the Transatlantic General Company, the Île-de-France starts its inauguration trip between The Havre and New York on June 22nd, with a team of 761 members. Constructed steel for a 231-metre length, it becomes for a while, the biggest liner of all time.

Innovating all over its decoration “Art deco”, 1200 passengers discover aboard all comfort and necessary luxury for a long trip.

Introducing high French gastronomy, it is on this last when the Brie cheese will be transported towards America for the first time.

Today, ILE DE FRANCE® offers high quality French cheeses to make discover in 4 corners of the world of nice French tastes.

ILE DE FRANCE®, imported French cheeses worthy of your special moments!

the logo ILE DE FRANCE®

A logo that tells a story

People often notice the liner and the red, white and blue flag that appear on the label of ILE DE FRANCE® cheeses. The French origin, liner and stamp represent are symbols of importation… Behind the logo lies a fascinating story, born from one man’s passion for cheese.


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