Founded in 2017 and self-funded as of today, Foods For Tomorrow is a Spanish startup offering a range of 100% plant-based alternatives under the brand Heura. Made from non-GMO soybeans, their entire range of protein, which resembles the texture and flavour of chicken, is free from gluten, cholesterol, dyes and preservatives.

In addition to containing only “clean” ingredients (emphasis company’s own), the vegan-friendly product is also high in protein, with 19.7 grams of protein per 100 gram serving, as well as significant amounts of fibre, iron, zinc and enriched with vitamin B12, making Heura products a better protein source from a nutritional standpoint as compared to beef.

Heura’s current product range includes Spiced Chunks, Original Chunks, Original Strips, Spiced Tacos, Heura Vegan Pizza and Mediterranean Chunks, all variations on their plant-based chicken in different shapes, allowing for flexibility when used by chefs and home cooks. In Spain, the products are popular amongst vegetarian and omnivore consumers alike, and the company has secured distribution across national retail and fast food chains, with upcoming launches in Portugal and plans to expand in France, Italy and Germany.

Website: https://www.heurafoods.com/en-GB/home