Gippsland Pure

Our major production operations centre on the Newry district, which geographically is 38 degrees South and 147 degrees East. This is stunning country to farm crops, vegetables, milk and produce high quality livestock on rich alluvial soils, supported by high quality water supply from the Macalister Irrigation Scheme that is fed from the Alpine high country. We farm professionally to create beautiful food for customers in Australia and across international export markets. We are passionate about creating pure, clean, safe, ethical and nutritionally wholesome food; food that carries a true sense of provenance from Gippsland.

We take our role as a sustainable land custodian seriously; our properties are well developed, professionally managed and improved with a consciousness of advancing the environment around us. We are strongly committed to the highest standards of animal husbandry practices, growing our animals in a superior manner, giving them a good life and creating high quality food from their processing. Our high quality animal livestock practices directly translate into superior eating quality.

Gippsland Pure at its core is a simple business, using the natural benefits around us to create uncomplicated, ethical, pure and beautiful food. We are real people, farming superb country in the ‘Heart of Gippsland’, creating food of superior eating quality for our customers.


website: https://gippslandpure.com.au/