Elle & Vire

In the heart of Normandy, nestled between two rivers – the River Elle and the River Vire (which gave their names to our brand) – the Condé-sur-Vire dairy has built the success of Elle & Vire for over 70 years.

Elle & Vire Professionnel is a dairy products’ brand dedicated to bakery, pastry & catering professionals. The brand sells four ranges of products worldwide (120 countries): cream, butter, cheese & dessert base. They offer these products along with a complete services offer created for professionals by la Maison de la Crème Elle & Vire’s professionals.

BUTTER: Elle & Vire Professionnel uses the very best dairy expertise (fresh milk for top quality creams, exclusive lactic ferments and the expertise of its master butter makers during churning) to produce butter with unbeatable technical and flavor qualities.

CHEESE: Mascarpone cheese, Original American Cream Cheese, Emmental from France… discover the Elle & Vire Professionnel cheese range, ideal to support you in all your sweet and savory creations!

CREAM: Elle & Vire Professionnel has a wide and comprehensive range of creams with varying fat contents and different formats. They aim to cover all professional needs (Pastry and Cuisine) and to meet all the requirements of those using them. These creams are recognized throughout the world for their quality, consistency, exceptional technical performance and natural dairy flavor.

DESSERT BASE: Offer an endless variety of options on your dessert menu with our range of dessert bases, ice creams, milky dessert and dessert creams.

The Elle & Vire brand has pioneered in many technological fields, enabling it to launch a host of innovations (such as UHT sterilized milk, UHT sterilized cream, dairy desserts and UHT dessert creams, soft butter, etc.) that have revolutionized everyday life both for consumers and professional users. Drawing on its Normandy know-how, Elle & Vire can truly claim to epitomize French quality for millions of consumers in more than 120 countries around the world.

Elle & Vire has become the everyday companion for consumers and professionals alike.

For more information, please visit their website: www.elle-et-vire.com