Costa D’oro

Costa D’Oro began as a local, homely and small company based in Spoleto Town, in Italy and was run by the Sabatini and Santirosi family. It grew progressively over the years to become synonymous with high quality olive oil in Italy and around the world. To guarantee the best quality olive oil Costa D’Oro can offer, four quality checks are done before reaching the consumer.

Over the years, the international spirit of Costa d’Oro has become increasingly important, so much so that today, Costa d’Oro oils are distributed in over 100 countries worldwide.

For Costa d’Oro, quality from the raw materials to the finished product, in all stages of production, which also concerns ethics, transparency and competence, is the most important thing. In 1996, Costa d’Oro was the first oil production company in Italy to obtain ISO 9002 certification and has now decided to formalize through the SA8000 certification, what has always been its ethical commitment to respect customers / consumers, suppliers and workers, whose dedication of the latter, professionalism and loyalty have always been the true wealth of the company.

For more information, please visit: https://www.oliocostadoro.net/