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Nestled in the north west corner of Tasmania, Tasmanian dairy has geographical and latitudinal similarities to the famous French cheese making province of Normandy. This makes it the perfect environment for creating high quality cheese.


Tasmanian Heritage originates from one of Australia’s oldest specialty cheese producers with a heritage dating back to 1955.


Tasmanian cheese is crafted from the finest Tasmanian milk and sourced from the state's renowned environment by skilled craftsmen who all have a great passion for traditional European cheese making techniques and pure, fresh Tasmanian ingredients.


Each cheeses is defined by the quality, consistency and reliability you expect from Tasmanian Heritage that offers distinct taste, texture and aromas to enjoy:

- Soft white cheese is also known as soft ripened or surface ripened cheese, as the cheese matures from the outer rind to the centre, developing their characteristic flavours over time due to the enzymes and cultures in the cheese.

- Blue cheese, or blue vein cheese is instantly recognisable due to the marbling of blue mould through the cheese that is the result of the ripening action that occurs inside the rind. Blue cheese can display streaks and pockets of green, grey, black or blue mould while offering a distinctive aroma and a complex tangy taste.

- While washed rind cheese is among the world’s strongest smelling cheese it is also one of the sweetest and mild tasting and can vary from soft to firm. Its vibrant orange rind is the result of being washed in a brine solution, creating a unique appearance and distinctive aroma.


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