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Pasta Garofalo S.p.A. is an Italian company founded in 1920. Today it is estimated that Garofalo sells its pasta in over 60 countries worldwide and is the leading 'premium' in Sweden, France, Switzerland, Ukraine, Holland and Portugal.


Garofalo’s pasta factory is located in Gragnano a small town South of Naples and very close to Pompei. It is considered the birthplace of pasta.


For all its operations worldwide Garofalo is committed to reaching internationally recognised quality standards. These include ISO quality and environment certifications, as well as relevant certifications for the organic production. We select the best durum wheat, with the right characteristics, and only the best suppliers, which result in a technical specification with tight parameters. Quality of Gluten: checked internally on every batch of Garofalo Signature, Using the same Glutomatic equipment as of our supplier, thus ensuring a “double check” so that it can split into Strength, Tenacity and Elasticity. We finish the procedure with a visual check.

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