Nhập khẩu và phân phối độc quyền hơn 1.000 loại thực phẩm chất lượng cao từ khắp nơi trên thế giới với mức giá rất cạnh tranh.

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Turkey production has become a science. Improved animal housing, handling practices, and healthy, nutritious feeds are the result of the ongoing finance of research into how to raise the healthiest birds.

Turkeys are fed a balanced diet comprised mostly of corn, soybean meal, minerals and vitamins. Freshwater is available at all times. On average, it takes 84 pounds of feed to raise a 30-pound tom turkey. Turkeys are not fed growth hormones to make them grow faster. 

Norbest does not use, nor does our drug policy permit, the use of ractopamine, nitarsone, or the routine use of medically important antibiotics to provide the high-quality foods. 

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