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Established in 2002, Deli-Porc, Canada, with the business of pigs and pig products within the Greater Montreal Metropolitan Area. Currently, the company can produce a ton of pork per week.

The main aim is to provide flexible services and quality products that are consistent with modern production methods, especially quality management programs.

Deli works diligently to maintain consistency and consistency in the product that consumers ultimately enjoy and remember.

"We love pork - from snout to tail and everything in between, we have a passion for pork!"

Working with agricultural and processing partners, Deli products are derived from the fresh cutting of sows and pork, belly, shoulders and ham. All fresh and frozen products are available for domestic consumption as well as for international export.

Products offered are as follows: Loin / shoulder / ham / belly / rib / head.

For more information, please visit: www.deliporc.com

See our products: www.goodfood.com.vn/products/meat/pork