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Animex Foods is Poland’s biggest meat producer of pork, poultry and processed meat products and also the largest meat exporter in Poland, and with ten plants, and feathers plant, are the largest employer in the meat industry. In September 2013 Smithfield Foods and Animex Foods became part of WH Group— the world’s largest pork producer.

They strive to to be the most trusted Polish meat and processed meat producer, to be the first choice of consumers both in Poland and abroad, and to offer the most renowned, safest and highest quality brands with core values:

- Ensure the highest quality and safety 

- Care for the clients

- Be an employer of choice

- Enhance the welfare of our animals

- Care for the natural environment

- Have a positive impact on communities

For more information, please visit: http://en.animex.pl/our-products/pork 

See our products: www.goodfood.com.vn/products/meat/pork