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Pasta has long become a staple in the diets of millions of people around the world. The versatility combined with the ease of cooking as well as value for money, makes pasta a must have in any kitchen.

And while pasta is made everywhere the product from Italy keeps to time-tested production methods that create a superior pasta. We stock a wide range of pasta, at a reasonable price to suit all your needs.

Below is our wide range of Pasta from Spigadoro, Italy:
  Product name Packing UOM
Spaghetti No. 25 24 x 500 g PKT
Penne Ziti Rigate No. 70 24 x 500 g PKT
Tortiglioni No.63 24 x 500 g PKT
Conchiglie (Abissini) No. 84 24 x 500 g PKT
Semi Di Cicoria No. 105 24 x 500 g PKT
Farfalle No. 78 20 x 500 g PKT
Macaroni No 197 24 x 500 g PKT
Linguine No. 8 24 x 500 g PKT
Vermicelli No. 23 24 x 500 g PKT
Tortiglioni Tricolore No. 363 (Fusili) 20 x 500 g PKT
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