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Brands :

AJC International
  Costa D'Oro
  Far West Scallops
  JBS Swift
  Just Juice
  Meadow Fresh
  Meadow Lea
  Pasta Garofalo
  PPCS Richmond
  Silver Fern Farms
Swiss Bear
The Baker's Cottage


Livestock are raised in an environment where there are plenty of wide, open spaces and minimal interference. At every stage of the production system, growers work towards delivering a product that is as pure and natural as possible, without compromising the well-being of individual animals. Richmond's farm assurance and the quality assurance programs ensure fencing, yarding, livestock-handling processes and record keeping are all of the highest quality.

New Zealand guards this status zealously and its enforcement authorities and regulations — required through the Ministry of Agriculture — reflect this.

Governments, manufacturers, wholesalers, retail buyers and consumers all have high expectations when it comes to purchasing food products. And rightly so. For its part, Richmond has a strong commitment to meeting, and exceeding, these stringent expectations. Some of these expectations take the form of overseas market requirements while others comprise comprehensive regulations set down by New Zealand government agencies. The combination of these regulatory requirements, together with Richmond's own requirements, provides an all-encompassing set of performance criteria.

New Zealand is in the fortunate position of never having had an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease, or an incidence of BSE or a related disease. The latter situation is reflected in the allocation of Group 1 BSE classification to New Zealand by the European Union. Richmond believes food safety is of paramount importance to retaining and building customer confidence in its products. For that reason, it takes a preventative approach to food safety rather than a reactive one. Its food safety programs follow HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) principles and fully meet stringent regulatory requirements. These are systematically monitored to determine their effectiveness.

For more information, please visit their website: www.richmond.co.nz/ppcsweb/home.aspx



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